Company policy

The general management of VICTRANSA – a company specializing in the transport and distribution of goods by road, offering an integral logistics system – is fully aware of the fact that the company’s future depends on EXCELLENCE, and we make sure that these values are transmitted to and instilled in our staff. This excellence translates into a company that is rated highly by our clients and is clearly differentiated from the competition. Our objective is to seek the satisfaction of our shareholders, our internal staff, the self-employed professionals and companies we work with, and society as a whole, and to achieve this we follow a process of continuous improvement in accordance with the following principles:

“Victransa: a reliable service”

“Your satisfaction is our reward”

To achieve these aims, we are committed to:

  • Considering quality, safety, the environment and social responsibility as key factors in our decision-making processes.
  • Maintaining an efficient, integrated corporate management system based on the continuous improvement of our results, providing a high quality service that respects the environment, prevents pollution, ensures the safety of its operations and personnel, and meets the expectations of our shareholders by maintaining VICTRANSA’s operating margins.
  • Dealing with our clients in a direct and transparent manner through a department set up specifically to provide one-on-one customer service (CSS).
  • Instilling a dynamic corporate structure that is capable of adapting to the changing needs of our clients and the market.
  • Getting our staff actively involved by means of training, motivational and participative programmes, thus ensuring that they are equipped with the right skills to carry out the tasks and responsibilities inherent in each workplace.
  • Establishing strategic partnerships with our suppliers, self-employed professionals and branch offices to guarantee streamlined interaction that adds value at every stage.
  • Managing and monitoring occupational risks in order to guarantee safety and improve the working conditions and atmosphere for all VICTRANSA’s staff.
  • Complying with current legislation and other requirements in every sphere of business, whether operational, environmental or related to the prevention of occupational risks.
  • Maintaining open dialogue with all our stakeholders, based on clarity and transparency.
  • Encouraging streamlined internal communications at every hierarchical level of the company, establishing improvement programmes and recognising the best proposals put forward by our staff, especially those that entail improvements to our quality of service, the environment and the prevention of occupational risks.

Jaume Noguer Alsina
General Manager
Vic, 12 December 2012